LMG Car Insurance Tips

Drive Safely

This seems like it shouldn’t be listed as a tip but rather general common sense. The more carefully and safer you drive, the less the chances are that you’ll need your insurance to cover any damages. That being said, you could be the best driver in the world and still be involved in an accident due to someone else’s reckless driving. That’s why we recommend that you focus on your surroundings as well as you can. Avoid reckless driving, speeding, and driving with a faulty vehicle. It could not only save you on insurance, but it could also save your life.

Before buying that exotic, classic or otherwise “targeted” car, make sure you’re able and willing to cover the insurance premiums.

Be Safe Even When You’re Not in Your Car

You probably know not to leave your car unlocked in an abandoned parking lot in a dangerous neighbourhood. But you might not know that your car can be stolen right outside a busy shopping centre. You should be parking your car in a safe, secure and monitored area if possible and you should also definitely invest in an alarm, anti-hijacking system or satellite tracking (or all three if you can afford it).

Drive the Right Car

Unfortunately, some cars are just irresistible to thieves. Cars like VW Polos are common targets and therefore might have higher insurance premiums. Instead of a Polo, you might want to drive a classic, but keep in mind that vintage and classic vehicle insurance is not as straightforward and hassle-free as you might like it to be. Contact us today!

Find out more about value added products and drive safe!

Communicate with Your Service Provider

Stay updated with your insurance policies and make sure to speak to your service provider once in a while to hear if you might benefit from a different payment plan. Even if you don’t necessarily find out anything new, it never hurts to double check and have a good relationship with your insurance provider.

To find out more about your insurance and how you can get the most out of it, feel free to contact us for more information.

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