The 8 Series Gran Coupe BMW

The 8 Series Gran Coupe BMW

We’ve always wondered about the new 8 Series. Not special enough. Nor charismatic to be a range-topper. Is this new Gran Coupe the big BMW’s sweet spot? Certainly looks sweet, in any case.

Welcome then, to the brand new BMW M850i. As you can see, it has four doors. And as you probably can’t see, it’s 201mm longer than the 8 Series Coupe from whence it came. Naturally, it’s also wider, and a touch taller than that coupe, because this one can accommodate up to four adults*.

So, inside there’s a new extended centre console, along with a new rear seat unit that features two individual seats, along with a little third one snuck in between. If you have four adults and a child, or four adults and a small to medium-sized dog, it’ll suffice “for use on short journeys”.

BMW promises loads more shoulder and head room in this car than in the coupe, which is handy, and there’s loads of leather and options you can empty your banking app on. The rear seats can fold down too, increasing the 440-litre boot space to… something unspecified but presumably much larger.

The front of the GC carries over the new 8 Series’s signature: angry eyes, a big grille, lots of vents and scoops in this M850i spec. From there however, it rises up to a slightly more upright windscreen for better headroom, and of course, that overall taller roofline. In side profile it looks decent. Rear too, looks good. It all feels very resolved and nice and… unlike the current BMW norm.

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